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About the Facilitator...

The facilitator/pastor of Temple Sophia is Rev. Tom Cormier Ep.Gn., I.M.. In late 1998 after a thirty year spiritual quest, he was urged to enter the Gnostic priesthood. Concurrently he attended School of Sacred Ministries at Pebble Hill Interfaith Community Church in Doylestown. He was ordained a Gnostic priest in October of 1999 and an Interfaith Minister in December of 2000. On Dec. 4th, 2005 he was consecrated an ArchBishop in the Gnostic Church and recognized as Patriarch of Temple Sophia. He took the Ecclesiastical name of Tau Didymos Judas Thomas. Uncomfortable with the titles he can claim, he usually prefers Tau or Rev. Tom at official functions and simply Tom at other times. While living in the Lehigh Valley, Bishop Cormier was active in the community. Serving on the Board of UUCLV and it's Welcoming Congregation and Sunday Services Committees, the board of Pride of the Greater Lehigh Valley, Allentown Human Relations Commissionís committee on inclusion and diversity, is one of the participating clergy for the Metropolitan Community Church's NFTMD Blessing of Relationships. Bishop Cormier volunteers with Hospice Saint John and is a member of the Interfaith Alliance of the Lehigh Valley. On 09/02/2008 he will start as a Pastoral Care Resident at Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network.
Greetings and Blessings,

Following is a short statement on the organization of the universe and why we are here as I currently see it. I do not ask that you believe this but only make you aware of the thoughts that my teaching comes from:

God= Prime Cause, Ineffable Light, Pre-existent Unlimited Potentiality, The Big Bang, Source of all manifestation, That which existed before any manifestation and will exist when all manifestation ceases, The Fullness. This Being is Sentient (i.e. is aware, knows but does not think as we do). Creative = desire becomes reality.

The first level of manifestation is the Divine Realm = God the Father, Brahman, the All Father, The unknown God, The Great Spirit, Cronos, i.e. the highest concept of Deity and source without gender that we can wrap our minds around even if names have gender attachment.

The Second level = aspects of the above deities = the Christian and Hindu Trinities, the Pagan pantheons, etc. includes masculine and feminine deity.

Less subtle levels of manifestation that include celestial beings of all descriptions ( Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, etc.), number of levels and /or dimensions unknown though many have laid out theories.

We have a multi dimensional universe(mdu) with many types of sentient(self aware) beings some more subtle than us and some less.

The mdu has ways of functioning that may be understood and interacted with.

We typically do this through, thought, word, deed, meditation(focused thought/nonthought), prayer(focused word verbal or silent), ritual( focused action).

We stir the energies of the mdu with the above mentioned techniques. We can view these energies as abstractions(energetic forces, Chi, Tao, Prana, etc.) or we anthropomorphise them (angles, spirits, ancestors, fairies,elementals, demons, etc.). they can be accessed, only how changes.

We are incarnate drops of the Ocean Of God that suffer the illusion we are separate from God. This is necessary so that God can experience God.

We( all sentient beings) exist to allow God to experience the wonder that is God.

We are here to manifest Love in all it's infinite diversity.

God's reality - objective, perfect

Our reality - subjective, imperfect ( or perfectly imperfect as in perfection there is no need so there is no movement).

Suffering( our negative attitude to the things that happen to us) spurs us to start remembering that we are god. There is no destination , it is all about the journey.

Some or all forms of reincarnation exist.

Past lives would be more accurately called shared soul memory. Time is a continuum not linear We are creative and all influence our universe, those that manifest unconsciously or only base desires cause much of the perceived suffering. Those that manifest consciously can bring much light into the world.

All the worlds religions have some of the Truth , none have all the Truth, part of our journey is to ingest the lessons and discover those Truths not evident.

We can be guided on our journey but can never follow exactly anyone else's' path, we each have our own path to find and tread.

Namaste= I recognize the divinity within you and when you are in that place within you and I am in that place within I we are ONE.

One must meditate ( still the constant internal dialogue) to hear God speak.

Trust your intuition , it is from God.

We are all ministers to each other,( love God above all, love your neighbor as yourself, this is the law, all the rest is commentary).

Forgiveness is key. To hold a grudge hurts you more than the person that offended / hurt you. To curse someone that hurts you deepens their darkness and brings it to you. To bless them increases the light in both.

This is a short introduction to the beliefs which influence what I teach. None of this is set in stone and may change as new information comes my way and is studied and evaluated.

Health and Happiness,

Rt.Rev. Tom Cormier,

In Ecclessia Tau Didymos Judas Thomas

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