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House Blessings
Naming Ceremonies
Tree Oracle Readings
Funeral/Memorial Services
Spiritual Counseling
Retreat Leader or Guest Instructor

House Blessing: A prayerful energetic cleansing of your entire home in a multi cultural manner. I use techniques from western and eastern traditions to cleanse your house of negativity that builds up from daily living and previous inhabitants.

Naming Ceremonies: The purpose is to bless the child for a good start in life, introduce him/her to their "village" and get the "village's" agreement to help raise the child in a way that promotes them becoming fully human. That in short means socially conscious, spiritually aware and living in harmony with the other life forms we share this planet with. The Ritual looks abit like a baptism but is not. It does not initiate a child into a religion nor does it remove original sin which I do not recognize as a condition of the child's entry into this world .

Tree Oracle Readings: A shamanic divination technique unique to my studies.
It comes from a Druidic/Celtic influenced tree lore. the person having the reading tosses a collection of sticks, bark,cones, and nuts which I then interpert to answer their questions.

Funeral/Memorial Services: Like the other custom rituals I do, these are tailored to express the spirituality of the deceased and the family.

Spiritual Counseling: Private sessions to help you find you path or return to it. Also do some marital and personal counseling and refer to other counseling/counselors if believe necessary.

Retreat Leader or Guest Instructor: Teach various meditation techniques, Mystical Christianity and Gnosis, cleansing rituals and ways to connect with Spirit.

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