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The original full name (which I decided was too cumbersome) is the Temple of the Compassionate Heart of Sophia. Sophia (in this tradition and some eastern orthodox) is the Holy Spirit. She is also the Divine Feminine, Divine Wisdom and Love, Hence the helping or supporting hands, heart and dove in the center.

We Live A Life By Light Inspired, By Spirit Empowered & By Love Transformed - Temple Sophia: An Interfaith SanctuaryThe 14 sided polygon had no significance other than that is how many world religions I picked to display. Trying to include all the major ones. As it turns out the full color version for the sign for the church has each sectioned colored in the chakra system I generally use. Looking at it straight on, right top to bottom, it is violet, indigo, sky blue, green, yellow, orange, red, the left side has those colors inverted. So kind of a yin/yang rainbow. Also each section represents any individual path to God but as part of the polygon represent that God sent inspiration to all, so that all His/Her/It's children could find their way home.

The symbols from top right and moving clockwise, (please note that there is no top position so no one is first, they are listed alphabetically):
  1. Medicine wheel of the Native American People (Amerind)
  2. Nine pointed star of the Ba'hai
  3. Buddhist wheel
  4. Celtic cross of Christianity
  5. Symbol of Confusionism
  6. The great Aum of Hinduism
  7. the sikar (like a mantra) of Islam (translates as "there is no God but God")
  8. the symbol of the Jains
  9. the Mogan(star) David of Judaism
  10. the Shinto shrine
  11. the symbol of Sihk Dharma
  12. the yin/yang surrounded by the trigrams of the I Ching, symbol of Taoism
  13. the trigram or triskele of euro-paganism, represents trinity of Goddess (maiden, matron, crone) and can represent any trinitarian aspect of Deity.
  14. the symbol of Zoroastrianism, the first monotheism that influence all mediterranean area monotheisms. Influenced Judaism thought during Babylonian captivity and through there later Christian thought. The words and concepts of angel, paradise, messiah, satan all come directly from Zoroastrianism, also the duality of a good god and an evil god battling each other. Satan comes from shaitan which means the adversary.

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