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This is our Church, our Synagogue, our Mosque, our Sangha, our Temple our Sanctuary where All are welcome to come as they are with their convictions and their doubts and to join a community of seekers as we explore the deepest depths of the Self and the highest Celestial Realms and at some point to realize that they are One.

"The only separation between the Divine without and the Divine within is the illusion we carry."

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At Temple Sophia we believe that each person is on a unique journey to remember their true selves. The Divine Child within us all. Our primary goals are to assist each person on their spiritual journey through techniques that help them connect to their creative higher power and to build a community of open minded spiritual seekers. Services are universal enough to appeal to the open minded of all religious backgrounds. The focus is on helping people grow spiritually without religious dogma. Readings to support the week's theme will come from all the worlds' sacred texts, plus secular sources. The Service format is fluid and changes to meet the needs of that week's topic. Temple Sophia is an open, welcoming and affirming sanctuary that believes we are all God's children and deserving of love and respect.